The Search for 100 People The statistics are powerful, but
what if you could meet the 100 people? We’re on a quest to find 100 people that
represent the other 7 billion of us.
Our idea is to represent our entire global neighborhood through photographs and stories, creating
a multi-media traveling exhibition:
the World Portrait.
We’re asking the children of the world
to introduce us to the people of the world. We provide a curriculum for teachers and students to learn about their community and nominate people they know and admire.
The nominees span all walks of life—from
a gardener in the Philippines who sings to his plants to a traditional healer in Niger bringing medicine to a community to an Australian teacher
building a solar car with students.
We are collecting thousands of nominations from around the world and will assemble a panel of global experts to chose the final 100 nominees. The
resulting World Portrait will enable us to picture this complex world simply: the World as 100 People.


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